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🔨 Unused Tools

Lift Remote

Mentioned in Devblog 17

Found and Rendered by Charging Turnip

Lift Remote Animation Mockup

Animated and Rendered By Rager on Youtube

Garden Shovel

Found by Charging Turnip, Images by rockstar modder

Spline Camera Showcase

Video by Red Gal


This tool was removed in 0.6.0 but may return in a future update as mentioned in Devblog 23.

Usage Instructions

Obtained by using the /camera command in survival mode while survival dev is enabled.

ActionKeybindDefault Keybind Key
Place Spline Path NodeRotateQ
Play Spline PathRemove / SecondaryRight Click
Remove Spline PathHold Build / PrimaryLeft Click
Save/Load Spline Path to/from DiskReloadR

To load a spline path from disk you must remove the current spline path first or else you will overwrite the spline path on disk with the currently loaded spline path.